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TKD News 2012:

Please note that the last training session this year will be the 15th December at Croydon, and the 17th December at tooting. All members are urged to attend Tooting's last session for the customary end of year get together.

The 1st session in the New year will be the 5th January 2012


Congratulations!!! To the following Members, who passed their grading on 5/12/2009

Steven Peters, Promoted to 1st Kup

Stephanie Darvill, Promoted to 2nd Kup

Boubacar Diallo, Promoted to 3rd kup

The next Junior Coloubelt grading will be held  on Monday 15th February 2010

The Next Senior Colour Belt grading will be on Saturday 17th April 2010

The Venue is Salem's Baptist Church, Uxbridge Road, Uxbridge, UB10 0NH. Arrival time is 12.30pm


CONGRATULATIONS!!! To the following members for passing their recent grading.

Black belt grading, 21st February 2009


Mr Simon Darvill Promoted to 2nd Dan, with a Merit!


Junior Colour belt grading, 23rd February 2009


Syeed Reza, Promoted to 6th Kup

Alessia Dela-Camera Promoted to 7th Kup

Azfar Daher Promoted to 8th Kup

Husam Daher Promoted to 8th Kup

Filippo Siragusa Promoted to 9th Kup


Senior Colour belt grading, 28th February 2009


Stephanie Darvill, Promoted to 3rd Kup

Elisha Peters, Promoted to 3rd Kup


The Annual Umpires Course will be held on Sunday 5th April at Hillingdon Taekwon-Do School. All black belts must be in attendance, along with Red belts who will be applying for  the October or the March black belt gradings.

Also all schools must provide at least 2 volunteers to assist with the course. Please let Mr Joannou know, if you are available, ASAP.

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